What is it like to have an indoor pool?

  • Glass doors and windows surrounding the pool make you feel like you are outside. You just don’t have to put sunscreen on and can swim all year! Sun bathers have a great spot with plenty of sun just a step outside.

  • An indoor pool helps with the direct sunlight that causes lots of evaporation and messes with the pool chemistry.  The sliding glass doors  were put in to open the south wall of the pool room to open up the room to the patio next to the pool. Inside the pool temp can be easily maintained without having to fight the overheating sunshine problem.  

  • Low maintenance- no leaves, no debris, and only need a few tabs a week when using it frequently

  • Swimming lessons bring in a monthly income

  • It is a fabulous multi purpose space. Sellers have covered the pool with a decking the past in order to host a dance for their kid’s school! They open all the side doors and use as a covered patio when there is pleasant weather. It is a great space for workout equipment or additional furniture for entertainment. They used to have a ping pong table in the space that was used regularly.

What are the pool stats?

  • The pool starts out 3 ft. deep and slopes to 9 ft. deep at the far end.  It is approximately 18 yds. long.  There is a swim out (long step) at the far end of the pool. It is roughly 37,500 gallons.

  • The room can be heated or cooled.

  • There is a separate bathroom with shower. 

  • There are washer/dryer hook ups in the closet.

What about the smell?

  • There has never been a noticeable smell of chlorine in the house, and rarely noticed around the pool. The pool room is made with Cyprus trees and smells pretty nice.

Do the windows need cleaning?

  • The windows are waxed to keep them clean.  It’s relatively quick and simple.